montreal spring antiques show this weekend!!

i'm going to this for sure!! i went last year and i really enjoyed it, even though i was probably the youngest person in the building...  the old antiquers were looking at me like i wandered into the wrong building... well, there was a good chance i was also dressed inappropriately...  

it's not like a cheapy flea market, it's all good stuff... also a huge price range of stuff (affordable!)... lots of clothes, jewelry, furniture, books, art etc...  featuring 50 dealers from canada and the us, so much stuff...  mostly really old stuff, but a bit of mid century modern stuff here and there, and it's at the racetrack which is always a bonus because they make a pretty good poutine, and you can see/bet on some horses.  oh and i also made friends with one of the appraisers on from the antiques roadshow... you can't really beat that...

montreal hippodrome (namur metro)
7440 blvd decarie (@ jean talon ouest)

here's the schedule:
friday may 1, 11am-9pm
saturday may 2, 11am-6pm
sunday may 3, 12pm-5pm

adults: $8
seniors: $6
children: $1
free parking

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