danenberg castro

before i got into accessories and jewelry, i was assistant designer for rebecca danenberg at danenberg castro for about a year... i love her designs, they're still current and amazing, and i still wear the clothes 7 years later!  

all the line sheets were drawn by hand, and changes were done old school-- by literally cutting out and gluing + taping each little flat back on the page, then photocopying the entire line sheet again, and starting all over again... i don't even know how many different versions i did... at least 30. uhhhh.   this collection had just under 100 pieces.  so much paper, glue, white out and tape... 

this is an embroidery print i worked on,  as well as a jaguar print... this was just a draft, them cats don't match up perfectly because i was doing the repeat by hand... got to show the collection at ny fashion week... yeah!!  best and most hated job ever.    

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