montreal spring antiques show this weekend!!

i'm going to this for sure!! i went last year and i really enjoyed it, even though i was probably the youngest person in the building...  the old antiquers were looking at me like i wandered into the wrong building... well, there was a good chance i was also dressed inappropriately...  

it's not like a cheapy flea market, it's all good stuff... also a huge price range of stuff (affordable!)... lots of clothes, jewelry, furniture, books, art etc...  featuring 50 dealers from canada and the us, so much stuff...  mostly really old stuff, but a bit of mid century modern stuff here and there, and it's at the racetrack which is always a bonus because they make a pretty good poutine, and you can see/bet on some horses.  oh and i also made friends with one of the appraisers on from the antiques roadshow... you can't really beat that...

montreal hippodrome (namur metro)
7440 blvd decarie (@ jean talon ouest)

here's the schedule:
friday may 1, 11am-9pm
saturday may 2, 11am-6pm
sunday may 3, 12pm-5pm

adults: $8
seniors: $6
children: $1
free parking


mustache vs. moustache

i made these way back in october for propaganda... didn't get around to photographing them until today...  introducing the big mustache and mini mustache pendants... good if you can't grow your own... or if you want to be a hipster and can't commit.  cast in solid sterling silver, big mustache is about 1.25" across, and the mini is 0.75" across... 

new mini clutch...

these are new!  4 X 6", fully lined, 5" zipper, 3.5" metal wrist ring... mini clutch, wallet, wristlet... fits cash, cards phone... from top to bottom, metallic gold, black crackle, metallic silver, red snake, seafoam snake, black croc... i've just listed them in my etsy shop: roadkillstore.etsy.com


from aardvark to zoos

vernissage at general54 tonight!... drinks and cake and art oh my!  collages by jaynus o'donnell using pictures from old children's encyclopedias.


new bags new bags.

i've been working... i don't just eat and take pictures of my cats all day long... 
leather totes from top to bottom:  
  • green suede with pearlized white gusset and metallic blue straps
  • black crocodile leather with pearlized white leather straps
  • white crackle leather with shiny black straps
  • black pleated leather with metallic purple suede details

ottawa craft sale! ladyfest tarts n' crafts

i'll be selling at ladyfest ottawa's tarts n' crafts on may 9th!   driving to ottawa with supayana, norwegian wood, and broundoor... hopefully some thrift shopping on the way there or on the way back... fun. 


parking spot holder... possible roadkill?

check out this weirdness... some guy from a store on st. laurent street used a kiddy mannequin and a handcart to save his parking spot... what a weirdo... 


yay summertime.  tomato cucumber baby spinach mozzarella pickled eggplant sandwich on lightly grilled cheddar jalapeno bread... and a mango yogurt orange spinach coconut milk smoothie... hopefully this cancels out the sausage bacon poutine and pogo i had the other night... 


old people.

don't really have anything to say today... so i'll just post a picture of my mother and grandmother... hi mum!


snake!!!!!!!!! red one this time.

here's the red and white and gold version of yesterday's bag... kind of nautical.... red embossed leather, kind of a matte tomato red, with pearlized white leather straps, and gold hardware... 


snake!!!!!!!!! new leather bag...

i just finished this bag... seafoam green!! oversized snake scales embossed on cowhide... tote bag, with shiny black straps and gold hardware on the front... two big zippered pockets in the back, and one small patch pocket in the lining... black and white cotton gingham lining.  straps are lined with metallic bronze suede.  good for macbooks! red snake with white straps coming this afternoon...  after i eat lunch.  i'm only making one bag in each color combination... so each bag will be one of a kind!  


rabbit ring...

this is a something i made a few years ago in when i was taking those jewelry classes at the visual arts center... sterling silver with a huge rutilated quartz....  the rabbit friend is keeping the stone in place... makes for a bit of a heavy pinky ring, but it's not meant to be an everyday ring...  i had to take off the stack of pinky rings i've been wearing nonstop for the last few years, because my finger was starting to rot underneath... now i have a an attractive itchy red rash ring.  anyway, i would like to make more stuff like this... 


cold much?....

it's 3 degrees celsius right now... 
i turned off the heat nearly a month ago after those warmish days and declared it spring... this is the only baseboard heater i've turned back on... 

i get the feeling this cat is trying to tell me something... 


oh hey, it's show and tell again... this is an octopus leg i made in ceramics class at the visual arts center...  we had the choice of making something functional or ornamental...  most of my stuff ended up being somewhere in between... 

i really enjoyed ceramics class, but i have trouble with expensive hobbies that i can't really turn into a $$ making business... hahaha. cough. cough.. 

oh, and not to brag or anything, but that's an original fiberglass bullet planter from the 50's or 60's... in a rare teal green, mint condition... ok, i'm bragging.  

the cashmere + leather bears are the stylist's own.  



look at what i got in the mail yesterday!...a letter from perfide wrapped in a sheet of chicken and cat doodles... really can't ask for more... they carry some of my jewelry and bags.... 

4217 notre dame west in st. henri

vachemorte.com  is their site full of short film treats... have a watch... 


uh ohhhh....

i bought my first pry bar this week... i've been looking for an antique, or a used one...  but i guess it's just one of those tools that people don't ever give away... they're so useful! especially for breaking into things... just sayin.

i pulled up a small strip of the plywood in my kitchen (the plywood under the floating laminate, under the white linoleum) and it's red and white? grey? check linoleum... which i find kind of cool, but it looks like it's in awful condition.... i'm still hoping there's real wood under that mess somewhere... uhhhhh.   



yup. that's toilet paper stacked up to the ceiling... 100% recycled paper of course...

with pretty much NO bathroom storage, there's really no where else to put it...  i kind of like how it looks... 


danenberg castro

before i got into accessories and jewelry, i was assistant designer for rebecca danenberg at danenberg castro for about a year... i love her designs, they're still current and amazing, and i still wear the clothes 7 years later!  

all the line sheets were drawn by hand, and changes were done old school-- by literally cutting out and gluing + taping each little flat back on the page, then photocopying the entire line sheet again, and starting all over again... i don't even know how many different versions i did... at least 30. uhhhh.   this collection had just under 100 pieces.  so much paper, glue, white out and tape... 

this is an embroidery print i worked on,  as well as a jaguar print... this was just a draft, them cats don't match up perfectly because i was doing the repeat by hand... got to show the collection at ny fashion week... yeah!!  best and most hated job ever.    


daryl k....

found this in an old portfolio... i was a design assistant/intern at daryl k... years and years ago... 
this is a textile print i engineered... "window print" for holiday 2001...
the picture on the left is the picture i was given, and i had to slice it apart by hand and turn it into a proper repeat... probably would have been easier to do in cad... oh well...  i was lucky enough to be able to snag some samples from the design studio... and track down some other pieces from the collections i worked on through ebay.... love love love. 

ocd wedding cupcakes

just got back from my sister's wedding thing in toronto... wanted to share a couple of cupcake pictures...diy wedding cake people.   we were told to only use very saturated colors of icing and to make good use of the sprinkles... as much food coloring as possible and as bright as possible... it think they kind of look like playdough... my sister did the one on the right... i think the ocd runs in the family... her fish sprinkles are spaced evenly, and are all head first in the icing...  i decorated the ones on the left... with those silver poison sprinkle balls, and scary black icing... i didn't end up eating any of the ones with the crazy icing... guess i spent too much time looking at them and grossed myself out... oh well. 


vag buffet

not sure what they serve at the vag buffet near my house...   hochelaga really  is the classiest neighborhood ever.  


spring is here... spring lamb that is.

hmmm, $64.99 seems like a pretty good deal for an entire lamb... but i'm not sure if they are beheaded or not...  you would definitely need a backyard spit for something this size...  and by you, i mean me...  


propaganda propaganda

best shop in toronto!!  and not just because they carry my stuff... and well, regina also bought me lunch this afternoon when i stopped by...  if you're in the city drop by propaganda @ 686 yonge street... regina always puts up a fantastic window display (sometimes they're a bit naughty), and the store is full of retardedly cute selection of accessories and gifts, beautiful clothing from canadian designers, as well as jewelry!... also available at shopaganda.ca