stylist's own

i'm pretty excited to be part of this!!! it's an amazing opportunity to show&sell some of my one of a kind pieces of jewelry, alongside some incredible designers!!  

the first edition of stylist's own is 
friday april 3:  10am-9pm
saturday april 4th:  10am -6pm
sunday april 5th: 12pm -6pm
at domison (4117 st. laurent) 
please see the stylist's own website for complete details!

[‘stailist] [əʊn] : It’s the opportunity to have access to the pieces you want but never thought you could actually buy. Yes, like that item you saw in that magazine but could not actually buy because it belonged to the stylist or was labeled “vintage”.

A nomadic event curated by Azamit, one of Montreal’s most respected and sought-after stylists and art direction consultant.
Unique pieces that have been kept hidden, secret, or were simply not accessible to the public. Her way to introduce her favorite finds, unearthed in the best showrooms, ateliers and exhibitions and to share them with the world.

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