pulling up my floors on a whim...

i decided at about 6pm this evening, that i should really get around to starting some renos at home... it's spring after all...  i've always been curious to see what was under the crappy laminate floating floors... and, here's what i found... 
  • in the kitchen: linoleum tile, glued on plywood subfloor, screwed on some red mystery floor, and then some other grey/green mystery layer of floor (i suspect it's another layer of lino)
  • front entrance/hall: pine, no varnish at all, covered in carpet glue
  • living room: parquet lino tile, and original pine in good condition! but covered in really sticky sticky glue.... 
so, not as bad as i feared, but still a crapload of work... yeah!!   and what's up with that many layers of floor??? geez. if you want to see more picture of my floors being torn up.... check out my the floor pictures on my flickr and more "before and afters" of my house, although they are almost all "befores".  this might be a bit ambitious, but i'm going to try to take off all the sticky parquet tonight...  putty knife + hairdryer= <3

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