pepito's big day out!!!

i had to take pepito to the vet yesterday...he had a couple of bald patches on his shoulders, not a big deal, caused by matted hair being pulled out...he's probably 10-12 years old... i picked him up from the spca the day after i moved to montreal over 6 years ago...it was still a bit cold and windy out, so i stuffed him in my handbag instead of using a bulky drafty tacky plastic cat carrier...is it wrong to carry an animal in a leather bag?  he wasn't very impressed in at first, but was chill enough to fall asleep in the bag on the way home.... 

headquarters boutique & galerie happens to be two blocks away from the vet clinic and i needed to drop off some necklaces...  pepito was allowed to roam free in the shop.... i thought i lost him, until tyson spotted him on the tv monitor...  he had wandered downstairs on his own to look at art in the gallery... check out the "prints are people too" show... it's super duper... my cat liked it...  mew.


  1. he is so cute! looks like he had a very exciting day...

  2. Days when cats come to visit are the best days at the shop!


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