making lip balm....

i made many many lip balm the other day, thanks to yana for showing me lip balm making skillz and letting me mooch off her supplies... 

my favorite sister terri is getting married on april 1st... it may or may not be a shotgun wedding, i'll never tell.  but i can tell you this, the blushing bride will not be wearing white.  she has a lovely black dress.   

terri wanted to do some low-budge wedding favors,  and who doesn't like lip balm?  "especially in these times".  way better than some random crap from the dollar store.  uh, just kidding, my sister is way classier than that, and would never even think of doing that.  cough. 

both terri and matty get an unusual amount pure joy & amusement from making fart jokes and really anything to do with vomit, and they also love chocolate mint treats, and how about that time my sister got sprayed in the mouth & face, while draining a dog's anal gland?  (she's a vet tech you perverts) oh, and if you've ever wanted to drain an anal gland DIY style FYI, this wiki is priceless.   anyway, the first person who can correctly guess the flavor of this wedding lip balm gets a present.  send me your address.   yana you can't play.  


  1. Can you order lip balm for wedding favors like this? Just wondering..


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