en masse

this was the only nuit blanche event i went to other night night... it was fun + crowded + very cold...a few of my friends were part of this project... this is the event description i stole from facebook:

 “EN MASSE” @ Galerie Pangee, co-curated by Tim Barnard and Jason Botkin, is an explosive encounter between the worlds of fine art, comix, and graffiti on a massive scale. This month long event, runningfrom February 1st to March 1st, will climax with a gigantic bang timed exactly to coincide with the citywide round the clock celebrations of Nuit Blanche! 

Twenty eight home-grown Montreal favs, influential artists chosen for their cutting edge graphic styles, have been invited to invade the space of Pangee for an entire month of production, working to cover the walls in a collaborative ecstasy of mark making. 

The exhibition will open its doors quietly on the first of the month, with the walls covered every inch in clean white paper from floor to ceiling, eagerly anticipating the coming squall of creation. We invite you to come often, as this massive, once in a lifetime event project expands on a daily basis!

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