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my sister has these fantastic healthy calves that could kick you into next week.  that being said, she has trouble finding knee high boots that she can even come close to zipping up.  

as a wedding present, i took her to imperial boots (2711 rue de bleury, montreal) to have a pair of simple black leather knee high boots custom made... when i went back to pick them up,  john/shoemaker, remembered her calves very clearly.  since she wasn't available for the final fitting, he went ahead and heated and stretched the boots with TWO calf shaped forms, instead of just using one, just to make sure they would be roomy enough.  i hope she likes them! oh and if you're ever in the store, make sure you take a peek in the back, there's a nice shoemaker with a slick beavertail on his head...

someone kindly pointed out that wedding presents are supposed to be for both the bride + groom.... but i think these boots will be the gift that keeps on giving, because now the groom will never have to see my sister in crocs or uggs. don't worry her feet aren't really that big, it's just a really small chair.  

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  1. Maybe my calves should be renamed cows instead. I guess Mr. Shoemaker is used to having emaciated calves or fetal calves order his boots...

    Thanks for the boots, btw. I will cherish them forever.


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