best damn hot dog in new york since 1962

well, that's the slogan they have pasted all over the wall... it wasn't bad... but not magic...they also have a lot of signage for their signature fruit drinks w/helpful digestive enzymes- probably because they know you're eating total crap... delicious crap.   

papaya dog, papaya king, grey's papaya, it's all the same to me, i can't even really remember which one i went to, they all have pretty much the same menu... i hadn't been to one of these charming 24 hour places for at least 7 years, maybe because i haven't been wandering around manhattan (possibly drunk) at 4am... so, i was feeling a bit nostalgic, but mostly hungry for something salty, and hot doggy.... and maybe some poutine.... the cheese fries are topped with plastic liquid cheese... pretty disgusting, but not too bad... i ate all of it... and a grilled turkey dog... all for the bargain price of $2.50....  

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