another flea market friend....

this may be the best one yet!  i not usually into the entire doll, just the head.. and the eyes need to open and close... blink blink.... 
i found this charming antique doll at the antique garage flea market in nyc... when i asked the guy for the price and if he sold just the heads, he said: "this was janet before the accident..." 
yikes!... turns out one of the vendors (janet) died or something, and her merch was at several different tables... in a weird coincidence, i also bought some vintage black lace from a different table that belonged to her-- she used to be a buyer for bergdorfs... this doll has layers and layers of beautiful handmade clothing, with lace and embroidery, i'm going to give it all a good hand wash, and dye it black... probably not going to keep the pinky wool cape...  

some concerned neighbor lady vendor got within three inches of my face, and here i thought she was going to congratulate me on my fantastic new purchase, and my bargaining skills... turns out she was just completely bewildered by my purchase... she asked me over and over again: "how much you pay for that? but it looks horrible! wait, how much you pay for that??  but do you know it looks horrible??  why did you buy that??"

best $15 i've ever spent lady.  


  1. That is one of the creepiest dolls I've ever seen. Congrats on the find.


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