thought i might have been on to something really really good when i had the genius idea to stuff catnip in my sock....  hello! new business plan right?  start writing grants!!  really hoped that the three cats i'm currently visiting with would want to follow me around the apartment and maybe even chase my feet...  no takers...  i'm heartbroken...and my foot feels really gross, kind of like having sand between your toes, but different.    


roadkill & ojingogo collab!

officially launched!!!  roadkill + ojingogo collaboration...    this is a mini collection of silver pendants i did as a collaboration with montreal illustrator, cartoonist and comic book artist, matthew forsythe. the pendants are based on creatures from his award winning comic ojingogo. it's a korean-flavoured adventure through another world starring voguchi (girl) and ojingogo (a squid).

available at roadkill.etsy.com :  
ojingogo:  is a miniature squid with a giant temper and a spiky collar
tubu:  is a rare cubical tofu creature with legs
ak: ak is ak.  that's all



otto the cat drinking out of the sink... he's got fangs...
i like to pretend he's my cat... 


friends of furni collab!

here's a little something new i did for friends of furni... a bronze version of the underhill!  a tiny tree stump with the furni logo on the top...  comes on a 22" chain... get it here!!!  check out the other super cool things in the furni shop...  miju feather necklaces and wood clocks!!!


bedroll is the new blogroll

trying to read around the cat... 

pepito the cat insisted on sitting on my shoulder while i was trying to read, possibly out of jealousy because i've been petting my new-ish macbook more than him.... mew. i've started bringing my laptop to bed, so when i wake up i can do all my morning emails + blog reading without getting out of bed...  it's a perfect mix of being extremely efficient and extremely lazy... ahhh,  i'm so glad i work from home... 


new knit necklace!!

just finished this one!!  
sterling silver knit necklace, triple hanging chains detailing on one side, square cut pale yellow sapphire in a prong setting...  closes with a heart shaped clasp.  this is a one of a kind piece... each piece of "knit" is individually created in wax, and then cast in silver, so they're all unique,  or "especial".  this necklace will be at stylist's own this weekend... i kind of hope it doesn't sell because i sort of want to keep it for myself... 

collab sneak peek....

super secret collaboration...  details coming soon.... here's a teaser...  


knotty new necklaces....

triple knot necklace, oxidized sterling silver

double knot necklace, oxidized sterling silver 


heavy metal

my personal collection of cuffs and bracelets...  these are one of a kind pieces that i made for myself... 
  • hammered sterling silver bracelet with bezel set bullet shaped stones (i can't remember what they are, onyx maybe)
  • articulated sterling silver pyramid bracelet 
  • oxidized sterling silver lace cuff


stylist's own

i'm pretty excited to be part of this!!! it's an amazing opportunity to show&sell some of my one of a kind pieces of jewelry, alongside some incredible designers!!  

the first edition of stylist's own is 
friday april 3:  10am-9pm
saturday april 4th:  10am -6pm
sunday april 5th: 12pm -6pm
at domison (4117 st. laurent) 
please see the stylist's own website for complete details!

[‘stailist] [əʊn] : It’s the opportunity to have access to the pieces you want but never thought you could actually buy. Yes, like that item you saw in that magazine but could not actually buy because it belonged to the stylist or was labeled “vintage”.

A nomadic event curated by Azamit, one of Montreal’s most respected and sought-after stylists and art direction consultant.
Unique pieces that have been kept hidden, secret, or were simply not accessible to the public. Her way to introduce her favorite finds, unearthed in the best showrooms, ateliers and exhibitions and to share them with the world.


pulling up my floors on a whim...

i decided at about 6pm this evening, that i should really get around to starting some renos at home... it's spring after all...  i've always been curious to see what was under the crappy laminate floating floors... and, here's what i found... 
  • in the kitchen: linoleum tile, glued on plywood subfloor, screwed on some red mystery floor, and then some other grey/green mystery layer of floor (i suspect it's another layer of lino)
  • front entrance/hall: pine, no varnish at all, covered in carpet glue
  • living room: parquet lino tile, and original pine in good condition! but covered in really sticky sticky glue.... 
so, not as bad as i feared, but still a crapload of work... yeah!!   and what's up with that many layers of floor??? geez. if you want to see more picture of my floors being torn up.... check out my the floor pictures on my flickr and more "before and afters" of my house, although they are almost all "befores".  this might be a bit ambitious, but i'm going to try to take off all the sticky parquet tonight...  putty knife + hairdryer= <3


making lip balm....

i made many many lip balm the other day, thanks to yana for showing me lip balm making skillz and letting me mooch off her supplies... 

my favorite sister terri is getting married on april 1st... it may or may not be a shotgun wedding, i'll never tell.  but i can tell you this, the blushing bride will not be wearing white.  she has a lovely black dress.   

terri wanted to do some low-budge wedding favors,  and who doesn't like lip balm?  "especially in these times".  way better than some random crap from the dollar store.  uh, just kidding, my sister is way classier than that, and would never even think of doing that.  cough. 

both terri and matty get an unusual amount pure joy & amusement from making fart jokes and really anything to do with vomit, and they also love chocolate mint treats, and how about that time my sister got sprayed in the mouth & face, while draining a dog's anal gland?  (she's a vet tech you perverts) oh, and if you've ever wanted to drain an anal gland DIY style FYI, this wiki is priceless.   anyway, the first person who can correctly guess the flavor of this wedding lip balm gets a present.  send me your address.   yana you can't play.  


bag of the day

when my mom is in nyc, hong kong, or any other place that has a bad pickpocket/purse snatching rep, she clutches her purse close to her chest with both arms... adding an "i'm a tourist" sign,to the "snatch my purse" sign, while simultaneously drawing more attention to her bag full of diamonds and valuables... disguised as used kleenex and coupons, and maybe an old lipstick.  


got teeth?

here's a little custom trinket i made for myself a few years ago... it's a "one of" for obvious reasons.  it's cast in solid sterling silver and it's a pretty heavy piece.  the original sculpt was done in wax, not including the teeth... i took a bunch of jewelry classes at the visual arts centre in montreal.  take a class with gustavo estrada, my favorite jewelry teacher! the classes were taught in french + english + spanish and he's extremely patient, unless you're attempting to do something extremely stupid or dangerous. just sayin.   


zombie creator!!!

holy crap!!! just when you thought turning yourself into a superhero was cool... this is even more fun... tons more options, and accessories, and you can scale things and move things around... i've spent way too much time turning myself into a zombie... the possibilities are endless.... check it out!! ok, back to work... 


new croc bag...

here's a bag i made with my the newest crop of leathers... it's a good sized shoulder bag.... black crocodile (croc embossed cowhide, don't worry, nothing endangered was killed, sacred maybe, but definitely not endangered...) with long shiny black leather hand-cut fringe, lined in black and white gingham, and lots of pockets!! fantastic for laptops, especially if you're like me, and wouldn't be caught dead carrying a pink case, or floral neoprene, or something brown and teal, or something with a dragon on it, or vinyl, or pleather, or pink... uhhhhhhh.....


catnip toys

cat toys made form my wool and leather scraps, and organic catnip... here's some video proof that they really do work... available in mouse and jellyfish.... oh right, spoiler alert, don't watch this if you're not caught up on "24"... or watch it but on mute... sometimes cats can be more interesting than "24"... just sayin.  


boot boot

my sister has these fantastic healthy calves that could kick you into next week.  that being said, she has trouble finding knee high boots that she can even come close to zipping up.  

as a wedding present, i took her to imperial boots (2711 rue de bleury, montreal) to have a pair of simple black leather knee high boots custom made... when i went back to pick them up,  john/shoemaker, remembered her calves very clearly.  since she wasn't available for the final fitting, he went ahead and heated and stretched the boots with TWO calf shaped forms, instead of just using one, just to make sure they would be roomy enough.  i hope she likes them! oh and if you're ever in the store, make sure you take a peek in the back, there's a nice shoemaker with a slick beavertail on his head...

someone kindly pointed out that wedding presents are supposed to be for both the bride + groom.... but i think these boots will be the gift that keeps on giving, because now the groom will never have to see my sister in crocs or uggs. don't worry her feet aren't really that big, it's just a really small chair.  


admiral experiment pirate & the superhuman rocky unibrow

oh my god, so much fun... you get to turn yourself into a superhero... choose your hair, face clothes, abilities etc... kind of weird, but some of the abilities are: a giant unibrow, a huge spork, and bag of groceries.. i'm spending wayyy too much time at the hero factory... this is what i came up with...

um, you don't get to pick your superhero name... one of the other names that came up was "the meaty slithery fang"....i don't even know what that means.
uhh, break's over. back to listing things on etsy...


pepito's big day out!!!

i had to take pepito to the vet yesterday...he had a couple of bald patches on his shoulders, not a big deal, caused by matted hair being pulled out...he's probably 10-12 years old... i picked him up from the spca the day after i moved to montreal over 6 years ago...it was still a bit cold and windy out, so i stuffed him in my handbag instead of using a bulky drafty tacky plastic cat carrier...is it wrong to carry an animal in a leather bag?  he wasn't very impressed in at first, but was chill enough to fall asleep in the bag on the way home.... 

headquarters boutique & galerie happens to be two blocks away from the vet clinic and i needed to drop off some necklaces...  pepito was allowed to roam free in the shop.... i thought i lost him, until tyson spotted him on the tv monitor...  he had wandered downstairs on his own to look at art in the gallery... check out the "prints are people too" show... it's super duper... my cat liked it...  mew.


more new leather...

another UPS guy just stopped by! (i like them both equally...)  he brought me presents... soft shiny purple cowhide, white crackle distress, black crackle distress... this is exciting!!!   also in this package, painted linen, indigo tie died cotton voile, stretch black linen, and these amazing japanese graphic cotton prints...   ok. i have to take pepito to the vet, he has weird bald patches... 

new leather new leather!!

UPS just dropped these lovelies off a few minutes ago... this is the first half of the shipment!!!  i'm really excited to start cutting into these skins... thick purple metallic suede, distressed black croc (embossed on cowhide, not real croc of course, and not as shiny as in the picture), red embossed snake, pale seafoam green embossed snake... the snake has a matte finish, with oversized scales...  a lot of mock snake leather tends to look a bit trashy...  probably because we're used to seeing it on strippers and hookers.  


another flea market friend....

this may be the best one yet!  i not usually into the entire doll, just the head.. and the eyes need to open and close... blink blink.... 
i found this charming antique doll at the antique garage flea market in nyc... when i asked the guy for the price and if he sold just the heads, he said: "this was janet before the accident..." 
yikes!... turns out one of the vendors (janet) died or something, and her merch was at several different tables... in a weird coincidence, i also bought some vintage black lace from a different table that belonged to her-- she used to be a buyer for bergdorfs... this doll has layers and layers of beautiful handmade clothing, with lace and embroidery, i'm going to give it all a good hand wash, and dye it black... probably not going to keep the pinky wool cape...  

some concerned neighbor lady vendor got within three inches of my face, and here i thought she was going to congratulate me on my fantastic new purchase, and my bargaining skills... turns out she was just completely bewildered by my purchase... she asked me over and over again: "how much you pay for that? but it looks horrible! wait, how much you pay for that??  but do you know it looks horrible??  why did you buy that??"

best $15 i've ever spent lady.  


best damn hot dog in new york since 1962

well, that's the slogan they have pasted all over the wall... it wasn't bad... but not magic...they also have a lot of signage for their signature fruit drinks w/helpful digestive enzymes- probably because they know you're eating total crap... delicious crap.   

papaya dog, papaya king, grey's papaya, it's all the same to me, i can't even really remember which one i went to, they all have pretty much the same menu... i hadn't been to one of these charming 24 hour places for at least 7 years, maybe because i haven't been wandering around manhattan (possibly drunk) at 4am... so, i was feeling a bit nostalgic, but mostly hungry for something salty, and hot doggy.... and maybe some poutine.... the cheese fries are topped with plastic liquid cheese... pretty disgusting, but not too bad... i ate all of it... and a grilled turkey dog... all for the bargain price of $2.50....  


invader + other....

spotted this cute little invader piece in manhattan.... and some other random tile art on the other side of the entrance... also nice, but not a mini tile space invader... i'm still seriously considering tiling my bathroom or backsplash with space invaders... but it may be an issue with the re-sale value of my home...  



i was poking around at antiques garage flea market this afternoon... so much fun! two big parking garages full of tables of stuff... so much overpriced crap!!!
but at $5 a peice, these deadstock personalized bicycle mini license plates from the 50's are a steal!!... i can never find my name in personalized things!!! i picked up "dolores" so i could bike incognito... shhhhh.....