new leather bag!

i've always loved fringe... maybe it's because i grew up in calgary aka cowtown... i keep several pairs of cowboy boots on heavy rotation... my current favorite is a pair of grey snake (possibly anaconda) + black leather with silver metal tips... they're about three sizes too big for me, probably because i found them in the men's section... but nothing a stack of insoles can't fix... i've owned two cowboy hats,  but i draw the line at bolo ties... i can't even begin to count the times i was forced to say "yee-hah".

my line of fringed leather clutches from three or four seasons ago completely bombed in stores... ("bombed" in the bad way, i'm not that "street")  was i ahead of the times or just plain tacky?  it's hard to say...  maybe there's just not enough of a market for leather fanny packs with 2 foot leather fringe and a  healthy amount black metal chain.  anyway, here's a new bag i've been working on... with a more conservative length of fringe, and less of a "heavy metal" look.      

i've also received a lot of requests for POCKET(S) in my bags, and a handful of complaints about how my bags don't have any pockets...  i love being redundant, i hate sewing pockets, and i also hate sewing zippers, quite possibly out of true and pure laziness...  this new bag has two large zippered pockets with fancy low profile zippers, and an inside pocket in the lining.  times are changing my friends... 

here's the etsy listing for this bag... other colors coming soon-ish...  i'm only going to make one in each color, so they're going to be one of a kind, partially because they use up a lot of leather, and also just to create hype. already kind of makes you want one more doesn't it... 

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