alexander mcqueen & target = i'm going to be spending a lot of $$$

i'm actually planning my next nyc visit around this! this collection comes out on march 4th... i can tell you i'll be making at least one trip to the brooklyn target... ah ah ah! this is exciting.  

target is one mandatory stops while in nyc.... when method home first launched, i would buy all of the karim rasheed designed eco-friendly  dish soap, hand soap, dryer sheets, laundry detergent, air freshener etc... as i could.  (this was before they started carrying the brand in canada...) it made for some incredibly heavy luggage, but when i got home, it  made scrubbing off the stank of the greyhound trip so much more enjoyable.  

i also bought  all of the michael graves/target swag like mops, brooms, dusters, scrub brushes, etc... i could carry, without arousing too much suspicion from the border guards.  

the trick is to make your luggage look really light... i've developed a foolproof technique where i'm able to carry an over stuffed compressed 65 lbs suitcase,  so it looks like a nearly empty 15 pounder... "think light"  

now that i look back on it, i don't know why i felt the need to smuggle $50 of perfectly legal cleaning products.  

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  1. haha you know i used to live like a black away from the target in brooklyn? have fun in NY!


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