new leather bag!

i've always loved fringe... maybe it's because i grew up in calgary aka cowtown... i keep several pairs of cowboy boots on heavy rotation... my current favorite is a pair of grey snake (possibly anaconda) + black leather with silver metal tips... they're about three sizes too big for me, probably because i found them in the men's section... but nothing a stack of insoles can't fix... i've owned two cowboy hats,  but i draw the line at bolo ties... i can't even begin to count the times i was forced to say "yee-hah".

my line of fringed leather clutches from three or four seasons ago completely bombed in stores... ("bombed" in the bad way, i'm not that "street")  was i ahead of the times or just plain tacky?  it's hard to say...  maybe there's just not enough of a market for leather fanny packs with 2 foot leather fringe and a  healthy amount black metal chain.  anyway, here's a new bag i've been working on... with a more conservative length of fringe, and less of a "heavy metal" look.      

i've also received a lot of requests for POCKET(S) in my bags, and a handful of complaints about how my bags don't have any pockets...  i love being redundant, i hate sewing pockets, and i also hate sewing zippers, quite possibly out of true and pure laziness...  this new bag has two large zippered pockets with fancy low profile zippers, and an inside pocket in the lining.  times are changing my friends... 

here's the etsy listing for this bag... other colors coming soon-ish...  i'm only going to make one in each color, so they're going to be one of a kind, partially because they use up a lot of leather, and also just to create hype. already kind of makes you want one more doesn't it... 

alexander mcqueen & target = i'm going to be spending a lot of $$$

i'm actually planning my next nyc visit around this! this collection comes out on march 4th... i can tell you i'll be making at least one trip to the brooklyn target... ah ah ah! this is exciting.  

target is one mandatory stops while in nyc.... when method home first launched, i would buy all of the karim rasheed designed eco-friendly  dish soap, hand soap, dryer sheets, laundry detergent, air freshener etc... as i could.  (this was before they started carrying the brand in canada...) it made for some incredibly heavy luggage, but when i got home, it  made scrubbing off the stank of the greyhound trip so much more enjoyable.  

i also bought  all of the michael graves/target swag like mops, brooms, dusters, scrub brushes, etc... i could carry, without arousing too much suspicion from the border guards.  

the trick is to make your luggage look really light... i've developed a foolproof technique where i'm able to carry an over stuffed compressed 65 lbs suitcase,  so it looks like a nearly empty 15 pounder... "think light"  

now that i look back on it, i don't know why i felt the need to smuggle $50 of perfectly legal cleaning products.  


a very merry christmas to me...

a little something i bought for myself this christmas, a teak entry cabinet/planter with three drawers, and a magazine rack! i got around to stuffing it full of cute cute succulents just this week... it's designed by arne wahl iversen, for vinde møbelfabrik, model #36, from 1961. it's one of those dreamy pieces of furniture i've always wanted...i can't believe it's mine! i still drool a little bit every time i look at it. drool. drool. drool. proof positive that you CAN buy happiness... x

today's craiggies find

i check craigslist obsessively...  this is amazing and beautiful!! and only $50... someone please buy it.  i don't need it. here's the original listing...   


i heart poutine.

just wanted to brag about my delicious dinner the other night... homemade poutine... made with baked chili/cumin sweet potato fries, huge giant really big broiled pork chop, and some lentil thing i used as a garnish... yeah, that's really an entire pot of poutine sauce... serious food coma and some law and order svu after.  i don't think i've ever seen so many cheese curds hanging out in the same place, ever... yum. 

like white on.....

i took this picture of poof halfway through painting my stairs a glossy oily black... 

and... this was after yanking off glued on and nailed on office carpeting, sanding, removing glue residue, sanding, stripping and scraping 100 years of paint, sanding, painting white primer, painting glossy white, and living with perpetually filthy dirty white stairs for a month. 

marc from broundoor was a HUGE help with the hours of scraping and sanding... thanks marc!

i left a little unpainted path for me + the cats... but there were still trails of sticky black foot prints + paw prints everywhere, family circus style.  


i see dead people

oh yeah, these coolers were just hanging out at the bus station... 
i always thought this stuff needed to be transported a bit quicker than on a 7 hour greyhound tour... meh.  

not lunch



this is the frost creeping up my bedroom window... before i put plastic over my window...  c-c-cold.  i was looking for that wooden box that's under the swan all yesterday... it's full of business cards... hmm, mystery solved. 

insulate this.



try to find the cat in the photo.  

pepito a bit too close to the industrial sewing machine... 


eek squeak

this really weird mouse sculpture sits proudly on my vancouver grandmother's mantle...  i think the mouse is trying to tell us something... listen closely.  collecting junk runs deep in my genes.  

what? what?



i took this picture on my last nyc trip....  not sure if this is the official ex-lax factory... but i love the gorgeous pastel doorway... 



mini ribbon bow

i made a new ribbon bow necklace... it's mini. it's a mini version of the big ribbon bow necklace.  in this picture, you can see how the mini bow is mini-er.  mini is better.  bows are good.  
available in my etsy shop here....

big ribbon bow vs. mini ribbon bow


flea market friend

something else i bought at the flea market this past weekend, also from the 40's... he walks when you turn his head... both eyes still open and close.  looks quite nice with my mary lamp.  my home is starting to look like a junk store.  

blinky friend


il fait pipi dans la marmite....

i found this gem at the st. michel flea market yesterday... an original watercolor painting done in 1942.  who pees in marmite?  that's so messed up.  best $5 i've ever spent.  

"il fait pipi dans la marmite"


meet little girl

this is little girl, taking a nap in a sunny spot. she belongs to my friends yana of supayana + freddie of momunit. she's not little at all, and she also left a lovely skid mark on their bed just the other day.

"little" girl


best $3.50 ever spent

check out what i scored at a local church sale... a bunch of old glass bowls,a pyrex thing with chickens on it and a pair of shoes.... and all for just $3.50, with all proceeds going towards god's love.  these shoes aren't even my size, but they were such a good deal, that i would actually be losing money if i didn't buy them.  

money making shoes


new half antler pendant

yeah, creative style name, i know... it's exactly what it sounds like... this is the newest member of the antler jewelry family... say hi to the half antler pendant in solid sterling silver... retails for $115... check out the full listing on etsy... pick one up for grandma, show her you really care.

half antler pendant on 20" chain


tea time

... my morning tea, and yes that stuff is supposed to be floating in it... it's good for you... i'm drinking it in my therm-o, a double walled glass thermos w/infuser... it keeps your beverage mcdonalds hot for hours... made by local montreal company aquaovo, available on-line at: artefaks.com.  i've been completely obsessed with everything they make, especially the ovopur water filter, ever since i saw them at souk@sat two year ago.. 



o to the c to the d...

... i really like embossed labels.
... and labeling things.
... and things in multiples.
... and stacking things in even rows.


oh what could have been...

i made this necklace back in august.... and i misplaced it a few short moments after taking this picture and i haven't seen it since... as disney would say, this one is going back into the vault.

missing star necklace


slippery hot dog slope...

i had amazing hot dogs with cheese and bacon as a midnight snack this weekend... fyi the dogs were fried in gravy/fat or gravy fat...
...i ate hotdogs (pylsa) at least once a day while i was in iceland, you can get them everywhere, including video stores... they're topped with delicious sweet mustards and crunchy deep fried onions... and they always come in pairs. i've been obsessed with them ever since...

delicious pylsa