merry christmas to me

picture of the fold out couch in my old condo

d.i.y. blanket upholstery

original fabric, new-old house, no we weren't robbed, just messy. and in the middle of renovations....

so every christmas i like to buy myself something real pretty. last year it was a vintage planter. this year? i'm getting the couch recovered. finally. i've had this mid century fold out couch for nearly three years. i've been putting off recovering it because there's always something else i'd rather spend my money on. you know, like food.

i managed to get my hands on two entire grey cowhides at an excellent price from sauriol when he closed down last year, (mid century furniture store on st.laurent) and i've been holding onto them since, and well, also using them as tablecloths during shows. two whole cows!! in a nice matte grey!!

the original cushions are so old that the foam is dried out and crunchy. i opened the zippers once, and dust came pouring out and the fabric is this disgusting slippery multicolor pattern disaster. i've been covering up the couch with a blanket ever since i brought it home.

i pass this re-upholsterer on the way to the metro all the time, and finally stopped in last week... i'm having the cushions done in four pieces instead of two giant ones and tufted with one giant leather covered button on each back pillow, and no cording. simple. can't wait to see it! i'm also going to ask the guy if i can intern for him one day a week. i would love to learn a new trade! and they're also a woodworking studio, not to mention located directly behind a kentucky fried chicken.


the ultimate purse

i can't even tell you how many times i've ruined a bag while transporting various kinds of meat. i've biked with too many turkeys to count, had duck fat drip, and stuffed chicken leak into my patent leather bag... this sausage case would solve all my meat transportation problems. and maybe i should host more dinners at my house instead of traveling with meat all the time. (via lifelounge)

porch kitten's big day out... again.

porch kitten heading toward agrignon.

porch kitten waiting for a pick-up.

porch kitten admiring a big christmas tree.

porch kitten tying her luck. 20 million dollars this week peeps!

porch kitten on the phone.

porch kitten in heat.

good news and bad news... i took the kitten in for her second round of vaccinations... and the vet told me she's actually at least 5 months old and not 4 months old as previously thought. and... she's just about to go into heat. early. yeesh. so she's booked to get fixed on january 4th... i'm totally against de-clawing cats, but kitten has this pesky nail that grows really deep in between her extra toes, and it's really really difficult to trim, and if it doesn't get trimmed, it'll grow into her paw pad because it doesn't get worn down like the other nails, because she doesn't walk on it. so- i'm going to get those two pesky extra claws removed while she's getting that uterus removed, but i'll leave all the other claws of course...

oh, and in other news, it's good to feed your cat a couple of tablespoons of vaseline every other day, to prevent hairballs. how weird. i was like: "hey wtf dr. vet? my cat needs to eat petroleum byproducts? how am i supposed get my cat to eat vaseline?" she said that most cats will eat vaseline on their own. and they like it. and if your cat won't eat it, get the flavored stuff at the pets store. ie: chicken flavored laxative. so that's your hot tip of the day.


souk@sat 2009

yeah!! exciting. souk@sat is my favorite show each year... well other than smart desgin mart of course... ahem. cough. i'm going to stop by this weekend to pick up some paul graham stuff for myself, some cat houses by loyal luxe, and some other gifts!!... stop by if you can! it's going to be good!

12-9pm friday december 11
12-9pm saturday december 12
12-5pm sunday december 13

1195 st. laurent


want: teak display unit

ok, so i'm mildly obsessed with craigslist. i managed to contact the seller within 5 minutes of this ad going up. i really wanted this. i have this low teak bookshelf that's almost the exact same size. so this glass case would have stacked perfectly on top of my existing bookcase. i love a glass front bookcase/cabinet. the guy calls me, he's super nice, we arrange for me to pay him an extra fee to deliver the case this weekend... so excited! it's a really good price. a steal really. he calls me today, and tells me after he brought it upstairs to photograph it for craigslist, his WIFE decided she wanted to keep it. meahhhhhhh. i kind of hate her.

thursday giveaway... gun clutch!

ok. so it's not quite thursday, but pretty damn close... up for grabs is one of the first bags i ever produced! it's made from super shiny metallic silver leather, with metallic pink leather gun applique. big enough to hold wallet, phone etc... or pencils! comes on a silver metal wrist ring. tell me in the comments why you would need a gun clutch. and a winner will be chosen randomly next thursday. good luck!


custom leather chain roll

chains before... stored in a vintage cigarette box, sorted with twist ties and ziploc bags....

chains after! 17 loops! leather! silk!

hello! look how organized! by style! by length!


ok, so my chain situation was getting a bit out of hand... i had them plastic bags, and if i was lucky, they were maybe separated by twist ties. i've been on the hunt for a nice plain black velvet chain roll. but no luck... i found a few half velvet ones- velvet on the inside, and vinyl on the outside. how tacky. and $20-30 for that garbage. and with only 8 loops.

"oh, here's your $120 handcrafted silver necklace, and here, let me get you a chain from this thing that looks like it's a dollar store."

no way. there was this other one, that was made from fake suede, burgundy on one side and grey on the other. for $57!!!!!! what a piece of junk.

"oh, here's your painstakingly handcrafted one of a kind sterling silver necklace, and why don't i get you a chain from this ultra-suede monstrosity that was obviously sewn by a colorblind left handed child laborer?"

so since i'm done all my holiday sales and shows for this season, i decided to make my own... in leather. black leather. with black snaps... and silk covered elastics, they kind of look too much like hair scrunchies, so i might switch them to leather straps some other time. this leather chain roll 17 loops. i'm quite pleased with it. and there's loops to spare.

cat hates snow

nice grey cat in mile-end hiding under patio chair & frowning at the snow.


want: picnica bunny tote

hello!! re-usable lightweight nylon tote by picnica that folds into a rabbit. it doesn't get any more incredible than that. $30 from a + r store. i'm looking for a canadian retailer that has it at a reasonable price. ohhh, it's $27 at japanesemoderndesign.com, but they only ship UPS from the US, and UPS is an absolute killer with duty & customs clearing fees... i found it at one canadian on-line shop for $65!!! NO WAY!!! ... want! so badly! in grey. or black. or one of each. but not for $65. meahhhh. if anyone in the US can order this for me and then mail it to me with USPS... i'll mail you a dead rabbit pendant. how's that for a trade? rabbit for rabbit.


pepito mimumo fw 09/10 wool hoody

this is the jacket i made for this season... under the label "pepito mimumo". (that's my cat.) it's made from italian wool (this one is a heavyweight black and white patterned wool, with black mylar strips woven throughout) fully lined in black wool with tiny pink and white polka dots, big vintage buttons from a paris flea market, leather elbow patches, elastics at the sleeve to keep the cold wind out, and POCKETS! i had a weird mental block against sewing pockets, so this is the first jacket i've ever made that has pockets. all of these jackets are one of a kind. and handmade. they're a ton of work, so i've only made 8 of them so far. available in my etsy shop.


tarts n' crafts! montreal comic-con!

yeah!! i'm going to be in ottawa for ladyfest's tarts n' crafts sale. it's saturday december 5th, from 10am to 5pm. i'm driving up friday evening with supayana, broundoor, pinpals (just one of the pals) and furni! we're going to get a hotel room and have a slumber party... should be interesting.

i'll be back in montreal just in time to peddle my wares at the montreal comic-con. it's sunday december 6th, from 11am-6pm at place bonaventure. yay nerds!!


smart design mart set up... and kitten update.

spent 4 hours at the smart design mart space today, setting up, and for my shift for set-up day number two. the picture on the bottom is the wall of my space- i've wallpapered with my business cards... the picture on top is poof in a box, and porch kitten investigating. those two are starting to get along. the picture in the middle is of some other vendors setting up in the smart design mart space.

we weren't able to get the caterer we wanted for smart design mart for some reason... so yana and i volunteered to make the food. yeah. not sure why. i just got back from an intense four hour sandwich making session, those four hours are not including all the hours we've already spent baking. we've been hauling stuff around in taxis, metro, bike etc... (including flats of soda!!) because neither of us have cars... it's been kind of rough and exhausting... smart design mart starts tomorrow morning! looking forward to it!


porch kitten bunk bed

i opened up the studio door so the kitten can roam freely around the house, and the big cats can hang out in the studio again. porch kitten is getting along with pepito. poof hates the kitten, and tries to attack her any chance she gets. pepito is eating all the kitten food. a few nights ago, porch kitten snuck out of the studio and insisted on "sleeping" with me in my bed. i have no idea how such a tiny kitten can purr so loud. in my ear. all night. and when she wasn't purring at my head, she was jumping around the bed chasing her tail. all night. and when she got tired of doing that, she started kneading and picking at the blankets and sheets with her sharp little claws. purrr, chase, pick. reapeat. all night. was seriously tempted to put her back out under porch after that night. her bedtime manners have improved slightly since.

meow mix


vintage buttons from paris

so, this is what my luggage was stuffed with on the way back from paris! vintage and antique buttons!!! i splurged a bit and bought these at various paris flea markets... this isn't even all of them! i bought a few additional bags of colorful vintage buttons as well. probably over 500 buttons in all. these ones are on these incredible old cardboard cards. i'm just finishing up my wool hoodies and getting ready to sew on the buttons. a bit behind, and halfway through this fall/winter season already. meahhhh.

cat introductions

opened up the studio door this morning to let the cats hang out... poof has been growling at the kitten through the door all week. i tricked them into getting close to each other with delicious wet food. i kept moving the plates closer and closer together. they're still not getting along very well, with lots of hissing between poof and porch kitten. pepito doesn't seem to mind the kitten as long as there's a plate of gravy in front of him, and the kitten isn't moving. will have to make arrangements to keep gravy on hand at all times.


porch kitten's big day out

porch kitten going for a nice fall walk

porch kitten enjoying the leaves in the park

porch kitten on the escalator

porch kitten waiting for the train

took porch kitten to the vet! we have fleas! no worms, but it could be a false negative, so de-worming just in case. porch kitten is a girl! she got her first round of vaccinations, and flea/mite/worm treatment. her adult teeth are just coming in, so that means she's at least 3.5 months old. there's a weird extra nail that grows in between her spare toes, and it doesn't get walked on, so i have to make sure to cut that one regularly otherwise it'll grow into her foot pad. other than that, porch kitten is in good shape!

btw, that vintage black and white houndstooth cat carrier is from the 1940-50's.