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i never know what to name my collections, so this might be the first collection with a real serious high fashion like name instead of a style number or just a boring name like "woven" for the collection of woven jewelry.  bo-ring.  i was pretty proud of myself for adding the "e" on the end of brutalist, (also the french version of the word) until i realized that i was probably inspired to do so by the movie zoolander.  derelicte???  brutaliste???  

is this thing on?  

i don't update this blog very often, but you can find me on instagram for more frequent work related updates and way too many staged photos of my cats = less words. 


press the fashion magazine

um, thought i should put something jewelry relevant on my blog instead of having a video of my cat puking as the top post for the past 5 months.  keeping things professional you know.  my caged crystal necklace and earrings & bracelets from an upcoming collection in this great webitorial from press the fashion magazine.


help bring victoire to toronto!

lil 14K yellow gold cat ring specially made for for you!

really small skull pendant 

help bring Victoire to toronto! only 10 days left in their indie gogo campaign and they're almost at their goal!!! a $350 contribution will get you a special edition SOLID 14K GOLD cat ring (handmade by me), if you don't get this, you don't really love cats and $45 will get you the tiniest skull necklace ever and there are also plenty of other locally made goodies available at different price points. help out this amazing store & get stuff! win win.


smart design mart!

smart design mart is here!  well, almost.  starts this friday and the facebook event is here!!!

this one is the biggest and best one yet, about 130 local designers and artists in a 35,000 square foot industrial space in the heart of mile end, and the space is HUGE so it won't feel too crowded.  you won't find me at my space, because i'll be busy shopping.  we have amazing home decor, housewares, jewelry, clothing, accessories, bath products & food and everything is locally designed and almost everything is locally made as well.  shop local!  i mean don't get me wrong, i do love a good mall, but this is where the magic happens.  you're actually buying something DIRECTLY from the person who made it.  it's like travelling back into time, or maybe it's the future.  whatever.  deep right??  

check out smart design mart blog for a preview of the line up of talented creators, and make sure to "like" on facebook for (not too frequent) updates.  being one of the organizers and running this event has completely taken over my life for the past few months and i'm super proud of how it's turning out, vendors are going all out and their set ups are amazing.  the amount of effort, hard work and creativity being put into turning their spaces into something that really showcases their work is crazy!!!  set up started today i was like, omg, i'm not sure i would even put in that close to that much effort, i'm so impressed!  i just put up some wrinkled  curtains covered in cat hair and plan on throwing my jewelry on a used door i found in my basement.  anyway.  

so i'm looking forward to a great weekend, please stop by!!! maybe buy something and support local makers instead of buying your mom something plastic at the dollar store.  jk.  ok, so i'm not really joking because we have an ATM and many of the vendors are able to process credit cards, so there's no excuse to not buy anything or to use double negatives.  



i will be at souk@sat this week----weekend!  lots of new one of kind pieces and nice things for gifts etc, cause grandma has always wanted a caged quartz necklace right?  right?  come visit.  thur & fri 12-9, sat & sun 12-7.  come for a visit i won't force you to buy anything.  but fyi, they accept credit card, debit and cash.  just sayin.  here's the facebook event with full details.  maybe bring me a pair of orthopedic grandma shoes or crocs cause standing for 7-9 hours/day on a concrete floor in fashion shoes is gonna be brutal.  but don't spend all of your money in once place cause i'll be hitting you up the following week at smart design mart.  hah.  later! 


oldwig xmas edition

i make jewelry full time, but i'm also obsessed with buying vintage.  sometimes i buy too much vintage, especially when in comes to vintage pyrex or mid century stuff.  there are six typewriters visible in this photo alone and how many wooden crates does a person need? ALL OF THEM!!!  i will be selling some sweet vintage goods at the oldwig xmas edition,  including some of my precious west german pottery collection and fur collection, i need to make more room to buy more stuff.  btw my favourite tv shows include storage wars, american pickers and hoarders.  

bain mathieu, 2915 ontario east
thursday november 21, 5-10pm
friday november 21, 5-10pm
satuday november 23, 1-8pm

lots of amazing vintage vendors, for clothing & housewares, and other fun activities.  it's a really unique venue, so come for a visit!  credit cards & interac too, but no layaway you jerks.  


fries in a bag.

speaking of french fries.  i carved a french fries in a paper bag ring.  i guess i'm now aiming for a super niche market.  2 for 2 because i'm also making a rather large hot dog ring with black diamonds.  i was going to set a line of tiny rubies for ketchup, but realized i didn't like the colour red, and went with black diamonds instead.  you can never go wrong with black diamonds.  except for maybe in a hot dog ring.